Health & Wellness Publication

The 'Boosting your kraft-ability' quarterly magazine was created for the client as an engaging way to communicate the company's Health & Wellness portfolio to all Kraft employees.


The challenge with this project was ensuring that our message was communicated to a diverse audience. We needed to reach every employee across Canada, both French and English speakers, who worked in all parts of the company - from the factory floor to the office.


In order to provide engaging subject matter that had a point of interest for as wide a range of people as possible, the publication contained several recurring items, such as a Health & Wellness announcements page next to the table of contents, a recipe using a Kraft ingredient, an interview with a Kraft employee, and retirement planning advice on the back cover. These recurring items could be found in the exact same placement within each edition for consistency and repeat readership. Articles specific to that edition were placed around these articles.

To ensure maximum readership, I prepared bilingual resources for team leadership. This included manager's notes to prompt discussion during team meetings, as well as posters to be hung in Kraft factories and offices across Canada.

Yearly Planning

As chief editor and project manager, I began each year with an overall schedule for all issues. I prepared article concepts that were then fine-tuned, and myself or another writer would complete the full article. For several issues, I acted as the sole writer, including the Winter edition on the right.

In addition to this, I also prepared the layout and worked with the graphic designer to finalize the overall theme for each issue. Once layout and articles were complete, the finished newsletter was sent off to the printer for production and distribution.

Download the PDF for a complete sample of my writing.

cover of Kraft Winter newsletter