Change Management Campaign

These printed materials were part of a change management campaign for a client with a diverse employee population located in warehouses, storefronts, and offices across Canada. The client was changing the delivery of their associates' pay stubs and tax forms to an online portal that each individual was required to set up and log onto to view their pay information.


The challenge was to successfully communicate this major change to each and every associate so that they were able to utilize resources for setting up their new account, as well as access their information going forward. Not every associate had access to or familiarity with a computer, however it was mandatory that 100% of the population had an account that they were able to use.


Myself and the Communications Manager worked closely on the campaign, coming up with a concept and tagline and planning the campaign. From here, I developed the copy for the printed materials, and the overall design with the graphic designer.

First, computers were set up in all stores and warehouses so that associates that did not already use a computer on a daily basis would have access to one.

Second, I prepared pamphlets, postcards, and other written materials that outlined 'Frequently Asked Questions' and detailed instructions on how to set up their new user account, as well as how to log in regularly to view and print their pay stubs and tax forms.

I also prepared an overall approach for team leaders and managers that incorporated multiple communication channels: manager talking points, posters, and promotional materials such as magnets and pencils with the URL for the new portal. The message was an important one that needed to be successfully communicated to every employee, so I also prepared a detailed release schedule for every piece of the campaign over an eight week period.

In order to encourage immediate and maximum engagement in our initial sign-up period, an incentive program was created for teams that had 100% enrollment status by a certain period.

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brochure for change management campaign front of postcard for change management campaign back of postcard for change management campaign